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2 weeks in the Yucatan Peninsula – itinerary and costs!

One of my most visited posts on this site is my 3 week itinerary for Peru where I lay out ...
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drone shot beach

Underrated destinations in Australia that you should visit!

Australia is full of iconic destinations, and travelling the East coast is almost a rite of passage for many who ...
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geese at broads

A guide to The Broads National Park

When most people think of the UK, their minds immediately jump to the black cabs and red buses of London ...
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communa 13 medellin

The perfect 3 week Colombia itinerary!

Colombia is rapidly gaining popularity among travellers. The country which was once seen as fairly dangerous, now welcomes tourists with ...
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taganga colombia

Things to do in Taganga, Colombia!

Once a quiet fishing village, Taganga has experienced a tourism boom in recent years. Situated right next door to the ...
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Minca colombia

Must see destinations in Colombia!

Colombia is fast shaking off the image of the past. It’s no longer seen as dangerous, and is top of ...
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When did travelling become a competition?

“You only have 3 weeks in Colombia?! Shit, kinda pointless coming here.” I listened as the skinny French guy tried ...
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coral dive tayrona

Scuba diving in Tayrona National Park

On my recent trip to Colombia, all I heard from other travellers was “You have to go to the coast, ...
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3 weeks in Peru – Itinerary and costs!

Peru is a firm favourite among backpackers recently, and rightly so. The country is a beautiful mix of Pacific coastlines, ...
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5 day Salkantay trek – what to expect!

If you are heading to Peru, chances are you are planning on seeing Machu Picchu. One of the 7 wonders ...
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Hiking Colca Canyon without a guide

Every where you look in Arequipa you will see offers for guided tours for hiking Colca Canyon. These vary greatly ...
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3 days in Lima – Our budget and itinerary

Until several years ago, many travellers visiting Peru would often use Lima as their point of entry only, and rush ...
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tarn hows coniston

Short walks from Ambleside

Ambleside is right in the heart of the Lake District, has plenty of things to do and see, and is ...
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tarn hows winter

Winter weekend getaway destinations in the UK

As days get shorter, and temperatures plummet, it can start to feel a little bleak in the UK. However, during ...
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Best hostels for backpackers in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a backpackers dream. Safe, beautiful and inhabited with friendly people, travellers tend to fall in love. You ...
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An Evening at Bacchus Restaurant, Mdina

In the heart of Malta lies the beautiful Mdina. Once the capital of this small country, the small city charms ...
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punta uva

The best beaches in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica has quickly established itself as a popular travel destination, with its lush green forests, interesting wildlife and eco ...
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popeye village

Things to do in Malta

Malta, a small archipelago in the Mediterranean, is often unfairly overlooked and underrated. This tiny country boasts one of the ...
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mdina malta

Things to do in Mdina, Malta

Malta is full of beautiful towns, offers many things to do and is surrounded by crystal clear blue water. It ...
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8 things to do in Chefchaouen

The city that is famous for its vibrant colour, where all buildings are painted a vivid blue. It enchants visitors ...
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The ultimate Australia packing list for girls

Heading to Australia? When the excitement wears off, you will start worrying about what to pack! Don’t fear though, as ...
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12 must see Instagram spots in the UK

Every traveller who has visited the UK has the standard pictures… Big Ben, A red phone box, St Paul’s Cathedral ...
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Things to do in Ambleside, The Lake District

If you’re a planning a hiking holiday, romantic getaway or family vacation, here’s my list of the best things to ...
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save money to travel

How I save money to travel

“How do you afford to travel so much?” I get asked this A LOT! Sometimes by friends, sometimes by colleagues, ...
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Why riding an Elephant is my biggest travel regret

Sometimes in life we have to admit when we have made a mistake. And so, I have to face up ...
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montezuma costa rica

Things to do in Montezuma, Costa Rica

A sleepy, bohemian town situated on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, known for surfing, hatching turtles and a pretty ...
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Budget eating in Budapest

I recently visited Budapest with my boyfriend, and whilst it was cheaper than the UK, it wasn’t really the “so ...
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Getting over your fear of flying!

Paris to Manchester, the flight is about an hour. I know that because I was a crying hysterical mess for ...
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My Ultimate Cheap Flight Guide!

Finding an affordable flight to your chosen destination is an inevitable task that needs to be done, but it can ...
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