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Winter weekend getaway destinations in the UK

As days get shorter, and temperatures plummet, it can start to feel a little bleak in the UK. However, during winter and the Christmas period, there are plenty of places to enjoy a winter weekend getaway in the UK. Small towns come alive with local festivals and Christmas lights, whilst city’s host markets with international cuisine and gifts. Places which are over run by tourists during the summer months become… Read More »Winter weekend getaway destinations in the UK

Ultimate dive packing list for girls!

Going on a dive trip? Chances are you’re wondering what you do and don’t need to pack! If you are anything like me, you are trying to squeeze your entire wardrobe and bathroom cabinet into a tiny suitcase. I have compiled a list of packing essentials for us girls to take with us, and if you think I have missed anything please let me know in the comments! Dive Equipment… Read More »Ultimate dive packing list for girls!