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How I save money to travel

“How do you afford to travel so much?” I get asked this A LOT! Sometimes by friends, sometimes by colleagues, and sometimes by complete strangers. There are hundreds of articles telling you how to save money to travel, usually coupled with the author going on to say it’s “none of your business”, but I have to disagree a little. If someone asks me where I get the money to travel,… Read More »How I save money to travel

Why riding an Elephant is my biggest travel regret

Sometimes in life we have to admit when we have made a mistake. And so, I have to face up to a huge travel mistake I made years ago. I was apprehensive about writing this post. It means admitting I did something that I now tell others they shouldn’t be doing. I rode and elephant in Thailand, and it was the biggest travel mistake I ever made. In my early… Read More »Why riding an Elephant is my biggest travel regret

montezuma costa rica

Things to do in Montezuma, Costa Rica

A sleepy, bohemian town situated on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, known for surfing, hatching turtles and a pretty spectacular waterfall. Montezuma was my highlight in Costa Rica for many reasons, a place where I could have stayed for weeks soaking up the sun on the pristine beach and wandered the same quiet streets for days without getting bored. I arrived not really knowing what to expect, and had… Read More »Things to do in Montezuma, Costa Rica

Where to find cheap food in Budapest!

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Budapest really is one of the most beautiful cities I have visited. From the spectacular views from Gellert Hill to the fairytale architecture, everything about this city is wonderful. One of may favourite things about Budapest is how cheap it is! Coming from the UK, our pound (at least in 2018), goes a long way! There is nothing I love more than a bargain getaway. Like most people, tasting local… Read More »Where to find cheap food in Budapest!

Getting over your fear of flying!

Paris to Manchester, the flight is about an hour. I know that because I was a crying hysterical mess for the whole journey! And that solid hour of crying is no fun, it leaves you with a headache, mascara streaked down your face and a feeling of being a bit of a baby as you watch everyone look at you with a mixture of pity and amusement.Read More »Getting over your fear of flying!