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The perfect 3 week Colombia itinerary!

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Colombia is rapidly gaining popularity among travellers. The country which was once seen as fairly dangerous, now welcomes tourists with open arms. Locals are kind and helpful, and landscapes are varied and beautiful. Usually a cheap destination for western travellers, there is no better time to discover Colombia.  Colombia is only going to become more and more popular. It is a large country, with everything from tropical rainforests, pristine beaches… Read More »The perfect 3 week Colombia itinerary!

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Things to do in Taganga, Colombia!

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Once a quiet fishing village, Taganga has experienced a tourism boom in recent years. Situated right next door to the beautiful Tayrona National Park, and only a few miles from the transport hub of Santa Marta, it is easy to see why many people choose to visit. Popular with foreign and Colombian tourists, the town is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Santa Marta. Mainly because… Read More »Things to do in Taganga, Colombia!

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Must see destinations in Colombia!

Colombia is fast shaking off the image of the past. It’s no longer seen as dangerous, and is top of the list for many travellers. With the friendly locals, party like atmosphere and cheap prices for accommodation and activities, it is easy to see why! Here I have listed the very best places to visit in Colombia! Minca A tiny little town nestled in the hills of the Sierra Nevada,… Read More »Must see destinations in Colombia!

When did travelling become a competition?

  “You only have 3 weeks in Colombia?! Shit, kinda pointless coming here.” I listened as the skinny French guy tried to light his cigarette off the gas cooker. Instant karma got him as he burned his fingers, but he wasn’t done yet. He flopped down on a chair, and looked wistfully out to sea as he continued “I mean, I could spend 3 weeks just here, you know? You… Read More »When did travelling become a competition?

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Scuba diving in Tayrona National Park

Colombia is may not be infamous for the diving, but it will not disappoint. With Caribbean and Pacific coastline, the country has some hidden diving gems. Many people will tell you to head to the Caribbean coast when you are travelling in Colombia. A lot of visitors base themselves in Santa Marta, and then explore places such as Tayrona National Park and Minca. Santa Marta itself is quite unimpressive, however… Read More »Scuba diving in Tayrona National Park

Things to do in St Paul’s Bay, Malta

  Many visitors to Malta like to base themselves in the St Paul’s bay area. This area encompasses St Paul’s Bay, Qawra and Bugibba. There are plenty of things to do in St Paul’s Bay and the areas around. There is accommodation to suit all budgets, plenty of restaurants, and easy access to some of the best things to do in Malta. How far is St Paul’s Bay from the… Read More »Things to do in St Paul’s Bay, Malta

3 weeks in Peru – Itinerary and costs!

Peru is a firm favourite among backpackers recently, and rightly so. The country is a beautiful mix of Pacific coastlines, rainforests and rugged mountains. It is also home to the infamous Machu Picchu, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Whenever you travel to a new country, it can be difficult to decide where you should go and what you should see. That is why here I have put… Read More »3 weeks in Peru – Itinerary and costs!

5 day Salkantay to Machu Picchu trek

If you are heading to Peru, chances are you are planning on seeing Machu Picchu. One of the 7 wonders of the world, it is usually the highlight of any travellers trip to Peru. There are numerous ways to reach Machu Picchu, and options for all budgets and fitness levels. In November 2018, I did the 5 day Salkantay to Machu Picchu trek. It was the highlight of my 3… Read More »5 day Salkantay to Machu Picchu trek

Hiking Colca Canyon, Peru

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  There are many iconic hikes in Peru. Most people focus on the Inca Trail. But thanks to the stunning mountain range that runs down the spine of Peru, there are many more hikes worth doing. One of my favourite hikes was Colca Canyon. This canyon is famous for the magnificent Andean condors and sheer depth. It is said to be the second deepest canyon in the world, at 3270m… Read More »Hiking Colca Canyon, Peru

3 days in Lima – Our budget and itinerary

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Until several years ago, many travellers visiting Peru would often use Lima as their point of entry only, and rush to get away from the city. Now though, Lima is drawing in visitors with its interesting architecture and trendy neighborhoods. With a population of 11 million, it is certainly not a relaxing destination, however it is worth taking 2 or 3 days in Lima to appreciate what the city has… Read More »3 days in Lima – Our budget and itinerary