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The 9 most affordable cities in Europe to visit

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Europe has a reputation for being one of the more expensive destinations to travel. It is true, some countries can make a big dent in your wallet! However, there are some great cities in Europe that are still very budget friendly. Some are known for cheap food and drink, whilst others have some bargain accommodation options. So if you are looking for a European city break, take note of these… Read More »The 9 most affordable cities in Europe to visit

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Where to see Peacocks in Holland Park, London

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        Sprawling, metropolitan and sometimes unbearably busy, London is stressful at times. It is also not somewhere you associate with exotic animals and birds. Sure, pigeons are everywhere, and even the odd fox. But what if I told you, there are peacocks in London! And not in a zoo, or on private property. You can see peacocks in Holland Park, London, roaming freely! Holland Park makes for… Read More »Where to see Peacocks in Holland Park, London

kensington garden parakeet

Where to find parakeets in Kensington Gardens, London

            Think of England’s capital, and all the images it brings to mind. Red buses, Buckingham Palace, Westminster…. So many iconic sights in this bustling capital. The city is busy, metropolitan and sometimes grey; exotic birds are not something you would associate with London! But London has some incredible parks, a place to escape the rat race, huge expanses where it is easy to forget… Read More »Where to find parakeets in Kensington Gardens, London

The perfect 7 day Malta itinerary

Whenever I reveal to anyone that I used to live and work in Malta, I am always met with an air of confusion, as if people don’t quite know what to ask next. I say the same thing to everyone when I discuss Malta – I think, as a country and travel destination,  it is very underrated! Tiny in size, and quickly reached from everywhere in Europe, Malta lends itself nicely… Read More »The perfect 7 day Malta itinerary

A weekend in Canterbury

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Since moving back to the UK, living in London and doing the whole “real job” thing, I have been trying to make the most out of my weekends! I work odd shifts, and so I don’t get every weekend off, but when I do I want to explore. Which means either jetting off to another European city, or exploring my own home country, and generally just trying to make the… Read More »A weekend in Canterbury

2 weeks in the Yucatan Peninsula – itinerary and costs!

One of my most visited posts on this site is my 3 week itinerary for Peru where I lay out exactly what I did and what I spent! So many of you seem to find that post useful, I thought it was only logical to make a similar post about my recent 2 week trip to the Yucatan Peninsula! Similar to last time, everything is based on a couple sharing.… Read More »2 weeks in the Yucatan Peninsula – itinerary and costs!

5 reasons to visit The lake District

Nestled in the very far North of England, The Lake District is a national park and Unesco World heritage site.  If you have ever been, then you will have no doubt instantly fallen in love. For those who don’t have The Lake District on their radar, I am about to change your mind!   Here are 5 reasons to visit the Lake District! Mind Blowing Scenery   Rumour has it… Read More »5 reasons to visit The lake District

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Underrated destinations in Australia that you should visit!

Australia is full of iconic destinations, and travelling the East coast is almost a rite of passage for many who visit the land down under. The likes of Byron Bay, The Great Ocean Road and Sydney are visited by thousands of tourists everyday. And whilst these places are impressive, it is no surprise a country as huge as Australia has so many more places which are less visited and yet… Read More »Underrated destinations in Australia that you should visit!

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The perfect 2 day Cornwall Itinerary!

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  Cornwall, England’s most southern county, is perfect for a two day break. Whether you’re keen for a weekend trip or have a few mid-week days up your sleeve, this 2 day Cornwall itinerary will give you a chance to see some of the main highlights. Having spent the better part of a year living in Cornwall, I’ve come to love everything about it – from the dramatic coastline to… Read More »The perfect 2 day Cornwall Itinerary!

A weekend in Brighton

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If you’re looking to escape from London for a weekend of fresh sea air, great food, culture and boutique shopping, look no further than the seaside city of Brighton. I spent most of my teenage years exploring everything Brighton has to offer and once I made the move to London, you’d find me regularly escaping to my old haunt. Albeit, to drink decent cocktails in bars rather than WKD on… Read More »A weekend in Brighton